Author: Christa

Is Your Child A Prodigy?

A kid who has an extraordinary talent or ability is termed as a prodigy. According to psychology, the term ‘Child Prodigy’ is defined as the person who is under the age of ten years produces meaningful output in some domain to the level of an adult expert performer. Child prodigies are very rare, and in

Is Your Child With Autism Ready for School?

Raising a child with autism has its own set of difficulties. Being a parent, you are very proud of your child, but you are always unsure when the right time to put him in school is. You need to first begin with trusting your child. Leaving him alone will make you nervous, but they know

Reading with your babies

An infant won’t understand the numerous things you are doing or why. They won’t even understand what you are saying, but you wouldn’t want to wait till the day when your child understand you completely, to speak to them right? Neither would you wait for your child to carry a tune, until you start bypassing

Ways to encourage your children

Persuading your children to do things that they really don’t wanna do can be tiring, but stopping your children from doing the things you don’t want them to do can be feverish. So when you are caught in the frenzy of encouraging your children, listen to the experts. Something more than just rewards. There was

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