Is Your Child With Autism Ready for School?

Raising a child with autism has its own set of difficulties. Being a parent, you are very proud of your child, but you are always unsure when the right time to put him in school is. You need to first begin with trusting your child. Leaving him alone will make you nervous, but they know how to take care of themselves. You might have thousands of reasons to worry, but as a parent, you need to stay positive.

Has the time come when your child is ready for school? Here are x ways to get him prepared for school:

Make a book of his school

Take photos of the places in your child’s school which he visits daily, such as his classroom, medical room, canteen area, desk, principal’s office, his teacher, library, and recreational room. With all these photos make a book and show it to him before starting school.

Talk to him about school

You have to make the school feel like a winter wonderland. Keep talking to him about what school is like and that he will be learning many new things. He will make friends who’ll become his best buddies in future.

Take him school shopping

This is an essential step in prepping up for school. Some schools provide stationery there itself, but most of them give you a list which you have to go and purchase. Even if your child is just three years old, make sure you involve him in littlest of the decisions. It will not only make them ready for school but also sets their mind on it.

Create stories on the situations they might face in school

School life definitely has its ups and downs. Create stories with your child’s favorite animals around the several problems or issues he might face in school. For example, if your child can’t find his storybook, he should ask the teacher for it. Narrate it in a story, several times a week until he knows it well.

Start with the school routine a week earlier

Because you’ve already got your child excited about school, it will be fun for him to start the school routine a week earlier. Give him lunch in a lunch box and water in a bottle. Wake him up and put him to sleep accordingly. Also, avoid morning television and teach him something or make him color.

Make an interactive calendar

Start a countdown and mark days that pass by. This will help your child learn days of the week and numbers, and also helps him/ her prepare for the following day. Mark days off along with him and plan something new during that time.

Help him to become social

The biggest issue autistic children face is building social interactions and relationships. Before school starts, most schools have the open house where parents and children come together and spend time getting to know each other. Also, get contacts of some parents and arrange a playdate at their place so that your child gets to know other places as well.

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