Is Your Child A Prodigy?

A kid who has an extraordinary talent or ability is termed as a prodigy. According to psychology, the term ‘Child Prodigy’ is defined as the person who is under the age of ten years produces meaningful output in some domain to the level of an adult expert performer. Child prodigies are very rare, and in some domains, there are no child prodigies at all. Prodigies are often found in the fields such as music, mathematics, art, chess, etc.,

Child Prodigy

Some of the researchers say that a true prodigy is someone who achieves the mastery of a skill by the age of ten years and others extend that timeline to adolescence. Child prodigies show extraordinary devotion and talent in their domain.

Engaging the area of prodigy-ness will make your child happy. So if your child is an art prodigy, then take him to museums and provide proper papers, pencils, crayons and other art supplies. If you have a math prodigy, then find a graduate student to engage and teach him puzzles and problems so that he can become a little number genius. Just be ready to invest some time, energy and probably some money too. Socialization is also a good challenge as well because prodigies tend to sound like tiny grow ups and they do better in rooms filled with adults. Parenting a prodigy is also not an easy job.

Parents should realize that not all kids become Prodigies. So if your child doesn’t show interest in a particular field even after providing some professional training, don’t compel or force them. It will make them feel miserable. Realize that your child is not like other kids. Help them find their talent. While it is true, some parents push their children very hard and give them mental breakdowns. Others fail to support their child’s passion and deprive him of the only life that he would have enjoyed.

Motivate your child by saying “If you love it and can’t imagine yourself doing anything else, then you’re the best in it.”

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