Making New Year Celebrations A Family Thing

Around the world, New Year celebrations are all about alcohols and adults-only parties with no focus on reflection. Often times, kids are fascinated by the mystic feeling of the passage of time and love the idea of a fresh start and New Year.

Like every other adult, even kids enjoy the celebration of life. Thus, it is quintessential that every family take the opportunity to spend New Year by putting their busy life to rest, and by considering ways to make their lives better.

Happy New Year 2019

Celebrating New Year by bringing the whole family together is a great idea to present your kids with roots and wings to improve themselves in the next year. Here are four different ways to celebrate the New Year with your family.

A Family Photo On Every New Year’s Day

Capturing a family photo on every New Year’s Day is a great way to celebrate New Year. Make the photo look original and not perfect. The more perfect you try to make them, the more your children will act less attractive.

Family Photo

You can either frame these photos, or put them in an album. As years pass by, these photos will act to be a slice of life, and your children will enjoy admiring how they have changed over the years. However, we bet you will enjoy it the most.

A Family Dinner Filled With Love And Appreciation

Savour the best moment every New Year around the family dinner. Fix the table with a delicious dinner, and once everyone is settled down, ask every person to go around the table and narrate their favourite things of the year was.

Family Dinner

Also, ask your children what they appreciate about themselves, their siblings, and parents. Be prepared to be showered with the cutest answers. Finally, say thank you for all the large and small miracles that happened in your life, and open yourself for many more to come the next year.

Healthy Changes Not Failed New Year Resolution

The reasons why most New Year resolutions fail are due to them being tough goals than just resolutions. Every year when we make resolutions, we kind of lack a plan to achieve it. If you don’t know where you are headed, you would be sure to end up somewhere else that you had anticipated.

New Year Resolution 2019

The best way to make New Year resolution is to start small. Give yourself enough support that you require to achieve your resolutions. Plan the way to would like to achieve your goals beforehand and make necessary adjustments wherever required.

Creating a habit is hard, so you will have to patient and rewire your brain throughout the process. When making resolutions rather than starting with ‘I would stop yelling,’ go for something like ‘I will try not to yell, and will ask my friends and relatives to warm me whenever I raise my voice.”

Live In The Present, Forget The Past

All of us love to carry some baggage from our past which we don’t actually require. It can be about self-judgement, exhaustion, clutter, resentment, and you name it. Before the clock strikes twelve, ask your family if they have anything from the year that they would like to leave behind.

Live Happily

If you have little trots at home, you will definitely hear answers like ‘my sister’, and ‘my homework’. Thus, when you do promise your kids you would help them with their difficulties and turn the burden into a better part of their life.

Provide each family member with a piece of paper and ask them to write down one thing that they would like to leave behind. Light the fire in the fireplace, or you could even use a candle in a fire-safe pan, and safely burn the paper pieces to leave the baggage behind.

Lastly, it’s New Year’s Eve and everyone deserves to see the clock strike twelve. So, let your little ones stay up till midnight even though it makes the perfect recipe for a disaster. Toast with sparkling apple juice, and leave the front door open for good luck to walk in. for additional fun, take your kids out to the front yard and let them blow some horns before tucking them into bed.

Happy New Year! May the coming year bring you infinite luck and happiness.

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