Autism – a simple behavioral problem commercialized

When we first came to know that our daughter was autistic, we thought it was a big problem. The thoughts of GFCFSF diet, therapy sessions, etc. etc. Etc. flooded our minds. Had I not been a nurse, I would have fallen into depression. We wanted our child to grow up into a strong woman, so we embraced her autism and moved on. As the time passed, we(me and my husband) realized one thing, autism is not as bad as how it is projected, and it’s not that difficult to manage autistic children.

To all those parents out there I would like to tell you the truth (if you have not realized it yet) – autism is commercialized. The GFCFSF diet, autism related toys, therapy centers are all a part of this commercialization. Before going deeper into the topic let me tell you one thing, I am an Indian, Living in India and I have written this article based on mine and other parents experience (whom I met at the therapy center) in India. I have no idea about the situation in other countries.

Therapy centers

Autism Therapy centers

Therapy centers have been making loads of money ever since autism had become a global phenomenon. Seriously guys, do you think that sitting in a room and making the kid to insert things into its board, stack cubes and all are therapy??! Of course, it would help to improve the child’s concentration and focus. You need therapy sessions to some extent to improve some aspects of your child’s behavior; I don’t deny that. But you don’t have to depend on the therapy sessions for a long term. Try letting the kids interact with nature and see the difference.

Stop relying entirely on the therapy sessions to improve your autistic child behavior and try something from your part also. Teach them how to live.  Almost all the problems related to autism will vanish if you take matters into your own hands. Only a few therapists would tell you when it’s time to stop the sessions. The rest would advise you to continue till they had drained you out of your money.

Gluten free casein free, sugar-free diet

Gluten free casein free, sugar-free diet

Oh my God! This diet has become so popular that once people discover that their kid/kids have autism, they just blindly follow the diet. They won’t even bother to check whether their son/daughter is allergic to gluten, casein, and sugar. Folks! Where was your kid’s allergy before he/she was discovered to be autistic?. Have you seen the cost of these GFCFSF products? They are sure to make you a pauper.

Recently I came across an article regarding dairy allergy and autism in a leading animal welfare organization’s website. It ended with a link to buy their so called vegan milk. This GFCFSF diet is nothing but an intelligent marketing idea. Understand one thing guys, you don’t have to be autistic to have intolerance/allergy to food. Follow all free- free diets only after confirming that your child is allergic to that particular food and not just because he/she has autism.

Autism related toys

You go to any online store and search for “autism toys” or “toys for autistic kids” you can find an excellent collection. I did it two years back out of curiosity ( when I discovered that my daughter was autistic) and I was like “ oh my God! Exploitation had come to this extent.”

Autism Toys

There are toys customized especially for autistic children. You don’t need these toys to teach things to autistic children. Guys, they are smarter than you think. Please don’t limit their abilities by using all these toys. Give them ordinary toys, give them time and let them learn things gradually.

We had never let this commercialization influence our daughter. She had attended therapy sessions only for a year, and then we stopped. And then we took the responsibility of training her into our own hands. We had let her grow at her own pace, and till now we had not regretted it (she is four years old now and perfect except for a little problem in mingling with others). And we are pretty sure that we wouldn’t regret in the future also.

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