How to childproof your home for your baby’s safety

Parents often worry about their child’s safety and security in public places but forget that there are many safety hazards in our very own homes. Right before the baby arrives and from when they start crawling and climbing, babies can easily encounter many dangerous obstacles at home.

Child proof

Be it your kitchen, bathroom or even nursery you need to be aware of the possible hazards and how to baby proof the room to keep your baby safe. It may be overwhelming to think up of all the safety measures to follow, here is a checklist to help get you started. 

Protect electrical outlets

sealed socket

Electrical sockets are the first thing to look out for when you think of your baby’s safety. They may be tempted to stick their tiny fingers in the socket which can be dangerous. So covering electrical outlets with outlet covers is the best solution. Something that doesn’t slip out easily or it can end up in your baby’s mouth.

Set up gates


You can use gates that are sturdy and don’t open easily to keep your baby in a designated room. This will prevent them from going into other forbidden rooms or down the staircase. Gates that are screwed to the wall are safer and a more sensible option than pressure gates as they are completely secured.

Stowaway potential hazard items

If it is only adults at home you would most of the time find things lying around or out in the open like cleaning products, medicines, kitchen utensils, etc. Anything that is within reach of your baby may end up in their mouth which can be a major hazard. Lock away all these items in cupboards or store at a height and location that is not accessible to your child. It always helps to keep an eye out for tiny objects like coins, marbles, pins, etc. and ensure that they are out of reach of your child.

Watch windows and doors

door stops and window stops

The windows and doors should be secured in a way that ensures your child’s safety. Double-hung windows should be open only from the top so that your child cannot access it at least. A better solution would be to use window stops to prevent your child from opening them beyond a certain limit, this is especially a good idea for low windows. Another thing that can be done is to keep furniture away from the window so children cannot climb up and access them. Door stops or holders are the ideal solutions to prevent any hand injuries by restricting the door hinge movement.

Childproofing gadgets

Nowadays there are several childproofing gadgets available in the market that can help you with your efforts. Or you can even hire a professional childproofers who are thoroughly aware of what all can be a hazard around the house. They can help you by choosing and installing necessary safety devices. Of course, nothing is a substitute for your eyes and ears, so personal supervision and alertness is still the best device.

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