Things That No One Tells You About Being A Mom

Becoming a mother is the greatest gift on earth. You are after all creating a whole new human being. All those tiny milestones your baby crosses become large achievements for you. Babies are cute, but they can be naughty at the same time. Everyone tells you about the bright side of motherhood but no one tells about its harsh realities.


Here are seven things no one tells you about being a mom:

1. There’s no privacy

You go in the washroom your child will follow you. He/She’ll be there standing beside you. It’ll be like a shadow following you all day long. The only difference, this shadow makes a lot of noise and asks a lot of questions.

2. Never ending cleaning days

Say goodbye to clean, good-smelling homes. Your child will take over the house. Put your everything-in-place out of the window because your house will never look the same.

3. Breastfeeding isn’t easy

Being a mother is a tough job and so is breastfeeding. Your friends might not have told you about this thinking others might judge. New moms do have difficulties in nursing. You are bleeding, your body is in pain, and the breast is sore. Newborns in the beginning can have issues of poor latch and cluster feeding. Don’t feel dejected and don’t stop breastfeeding. It helps in losing all the weight you gained during the pregnancy.

4. You’ll sympathize with other parents

Remember the dirty looks you gave to other parents earlier in life? Yes, you’ll feel guilty about it and start sympathizing with them. And now after becoming a mother you send across those ‘I feel you’ vibes and ‘what can you do’ gestures.

5. You’ll start loving home-cooked meal

Remember how your husband and you would party and bring takeout home? Well, that will become a big no-no because you miss home-cooked meal. Getting a chance to cook at home makes you happy because you get to eat fresh and healthy food.

6. You’ll have to change your car

Have you always dreamt of having a fiery red sports car? Well, those plans will go in drain. You will have to turn to a comfortable minivan which you swore you’d never buy.

7. Waking up at 7 am would be your new normal

It’s time to say goodbye to the days when you would wake up at 11 am and have brunch at 12.30 pm. Those days are over for real. Despite waking up every two hours in the night for feeding the baby and changing diapers, you’ll have to wake up at 7 am or as early as your baby wakes up. Mommy calls!

Despite the hard realities of being a mother, it is a beautiful job. To able to see your child grow, come running to you with his latest trophy or cuddling with you to sleep is an indescribable feeling. Days will pass-by very quickly as your baby grows up and starts a life of his/her own.

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