Brilliant Ideas To Keep The Toddler Engaged

Having a toddler leaves you without a choice but to keep them engaged as much as possible. In other words, you must create time in your busy schedule to keep them occupied. Unmistakably speaking, finding the right ideas on how to keep the toddler engaged can be sometimes very hard. All the same, keep reading to the last point and by the time you are done you will have insight on how to give your toddler the treatment they deserve without straining. Finding the best ideas literally means that you will be creating a small heaven on earth just for your kid. Behold some brilliant ideas on the same.

Try some playdough;

If you are in doubt, it’s because you haven’t tried it yet. Playdough is awesome in that it has other benefits to the kid besides keeping them busy. Mind you, it enhances a child`s creativity. You can place it on a dish/tray to reduce the mess.

Play with Playdough

This will strengthen their hands and keep them lively at the same time. Play dough can change the mood of your angel in no time.

Creating race track with the help of a masking tape:

You don’t need to spend your fortune just to keep your little one happy and busy. Absolutely not! Simply create a race track and a masking tape can do that perfectly well. Encourage your little angel to play on the race track with cars. You will be impressed how such a simple strategy can carry away their mind and keep them in a lovely mood altogether.

race track toddler play

What about coloring?

Beautiful yet simple undertaking! For instance, with window markers then you have got all it takes. Train your kid and this will only take you 10 to 20 minutes or so. After that, you can let them do it on their own. Allow the kid color the window and you won’t by any means have any trouble with the kid. You can be sure they will love it.

coloring for toddlers

What of the Sensory Balloon Animals?

There is no doubt that your life would not be any good without the little angel around. In that case, you must be more than willing to get them sensory balloon animals. The best thing about them is that your lovely kid will play quietly whenever you get them to. However, the sensory Balloon Animals may not be the best choice in case your child loves tasting most of the objects they come across.

Sensory Balloon Animals Toddlers


Bubble wrap:

Popping bubble wrap can be quite enjoyable for your toddler. However, this activity is a bit noisy though awesome not to mention that it is a very quick undertaking for your little one. To be precise, it is a beautiful idea only that you have to stay alerted and keep checking your kid as it can be an unpleasant risk.

Bubble wrap play toddlers

Cotton balls:

If you don’t mind your place getting messy as far as your kid stays happy, then a cotton ball is an excellent choice. Playing with cotton balls is a quiet activity. Not to mention that your kid will love it when tearing apart the cotton balls though this will make the place messy.

cotton balls play toddlers

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