Creative education is important for your kids

Skills are necessary for survival, and that’s why we start teaching them to children early in the outset. The method of delivering these lessons has undergone a significant change. Children have an incredible capacity to innovate, solve problems, and guide themselves through strange problems. And that’s when it is the right time to inculcate as many skills as possible, but creatively, because that’s what they understand the best.

However, in the recent years, education has become all about numbers, tests, and scores. Too much attention is given to focusing children towards winning prizes, which naturally decreases their creativity. School curriculums have changed towards preparing children for colleges and universities.

In today’s world, creativity is limited to art, but it is an essential part of life. Encouraging every child to think creatively is not only limited to helping them in creative problem solving, but also promotes faster brain development.

creative education

Here are five reasons why creative education is essential for your child:

Physical growth and development

Engaging in art and craft encourages movement, develops fine motor skills, and increases control and coordination. While children are busy in making things work with their sheer curiosity, they are interacting with the physical world. For example, while coloring an apple, children learn to hold a crayon and color within the outline which develops fine motor skills and coordination.

Intellectual growth

Your child is a block of wet clay; it will mold the way you want to. With creativity, they get a real-life presentation of different measurements and sizes. They use several tools such as play screw drivers, play injections and learn their methods. The more they learn, the more confidence they gain. Creativity is an easier way to help them learn basic concepts rather than flashing slides in front of them.

Emotional development

Children have a minimal vocabulary and are unable to express themselves. Completing a task helps them overcome their fear and feel triumphant. It expands their confidence and boosts self-esteem. Sometimes, the drawings and paintings they make can be used to find what they are feeling, especially if they come from dysfunctional families.

Improve attendance

Children will like going to school because they get to be messy and play while learning. It motivates interaction among classmates and engages in class activities.

Nurtures imagination

Reading story books, coloring, dancing, and learning music expand your child’s creativity. Let their imaginations run wild because that’s what going to help them later in life. Engaging in pretend play works best for young children.

Makes learning relevant

Opening textbooks and reading it won’t make any sense to children. Most of them will either go to sleep or start fighting with each other. Enacting these stories make it more relevant and expand curiosity.

Some great creative arts and crafts that foster creativity are music, art, dance, visual arts, and drama. You should remember that you need to be actively involved in what your child’s doing, not only for supervising but also doing all those activities with them.

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