5 Ways to End Picky Eating Habit of Your kid

During the initial years of their lives, children are developing tastes. Because they might not like certain tastes and textures, they can turn into picky eaters. Having a picky eater on your hands is not only frustrating but you are also concerned about your child’s health status. Being a parent you might think that you have failed your job, but that’s not true. Every child goes through this phase, but if you don’t take the required action, it might continue for the entire life.

kids eating habit


Here are five ways to end picky eating and make your child eat healthy:

Set your goals straight

Rather than googling what food you should give to your child and finding new recipes to sneak in vegetables in your child’s meals, focus on how you will incorporate good eating habits. Give them a variety of food, so that they get to know the texture and taste of it. Be practical with your goals. If you don’t like broccoli, it makes no sense to give it to him and feel sad because he won’t eat it.

Keep alternating foods

Parents think that changing foods often will make your child eat better. Rather than changing the food every now and then, give your child one food that he eats well. Along with it, introduce a new food. For example, if your child eats carrots, give a few pieces of chicken with it.

Leave them alone

Don’t stand in front of them while they are eating. It is obvious that they will throw tantrums. Let them discover the food themselves and enjoy the flavor. Research says that it takes 15 to 20 times for a toddler to try something before they accept it. Before introducing a new food, tell them to try it and if they don’t like it, you will take it away. They consider the settlement and end up asking for more.

Be practical on your approach

consuming vegetables

If you keep half a bowl of veggies in front of your child, he will not eat it. Instead, give two to three small pieces at a time. Once they finish eating that, add a few extra to the plate. At this stage, your goal should be to create a life-long habit of consuming vegetables and not increase the amount of vegetables they consume.

Don’t do the health talk

Health talks are beyond their understanding. Research says that if you explain your child the benefits of eating a healthy food, it is less likely that the child will eat it. You need to tackle the issue their way. If you feel your child gets hungry in the late afternoon and you don’t want to give him snacks, put out a tray of veggies. He will eat it.

Offer dessert every day. It can be healthy; something like a chocolate chip muffin with carrot puree added to it. Getting a well-balanced breakfast is a must for everyone. Giving them yogurt with fruits and they will eat it happily. Empower your kid to make the choices and put an end to the picky eating habit.

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