First trimester symptoms that are completely normal

Having a baby is one of the greatest feelings known to mankind, but the struggle behind getting pregnant and experiencing mood swings, pain, and anxiety during the following nine months is crazy. Your body does things that you never knew it could. The first trimester is the most difficult because you don’t know what’s happening with your body. There are drastic changes right from tasting metal or excess mucus production and mental breakdown. Despite of all these weird symptoms, you would want to do everything ever again, because seeing your baby and holding her is an indescribable feeling.

pregnancy symptoms

Here are some of the weird first trimester symptoms that are completely normal to experience:

High body temperature

Your basal body temperature will remain elevated for at least two weeks. These two weeks is the time between successful impregnation and your usual period date.


This happens because pregnancy dilates blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure. Giddiness is one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy coupled with tendency to bleed and mild abdominal cramps

False period

This is due to cervical irritation and is often mistaken for miscarriage. If the bleeding doesn’t stop in a day, you must rush to your gynaecologist. This bleeding is usually light and spotty.

Heart burn

Heart burns happens because of the action of hormone progesterone. It relaxes the stomach valves that prevent the digestive acids from getting into the oesophagus. As a result, acid from the stomach moves into the oesophagus and cause the burning sensation.  Avoid fizzy drinks, fried (oily) and spicy food during this time.

Metal taste

This condition is known as dysgeusia, but it is not experienced by all pregnant women. It occurs due to increase in oestrogen and progesterone levels. Chewing an apple or raw mango slowly will help to an extent to decrease the feel. But it may linger till your delivery.

Increase in mucus production

This is pretty much in every pregnant woman during her first trimester. It goes away after a few weeks. Sometimes, it is mistaken to be cold or flu because it is usually accompanied with tiredness (actually a different symptom of pregnancy).

Strong thirst

You would constantly feel thirsty and that’s why you end up going to the bathroom often. You might often have to use the bathroom in the night as well.

Sensitivity to different food, smell or colors

This too is related with the increase in hormone levels. You may experience pure hate towards certain food, odour or color. You might also feel nauseated when you look at that food, color or when you smell that odour.

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