Healthy foods to consume during summer for kids

Summer is a beautiful season to explore the bright sun for our precious little children, but still, it is sometimes accompanied by various discomforts such as sleeplessness, heat rashes, dehydration and heat stroke. Though indoors offer comfort with air conditioners and fans, children always love to play outdoors, and we sure cannot curb their endeavors.

Children Playing together

How many of you know that there are certain healthy foods, which plays an important role to cool the bodies of little ones and keep their energy levels stabilized during this hot summer season. Eating proper nutritious and cooling food products will help in handling the hot weather effectively. We have listed out few super healthy foods that your kids can consume this summer.



Watermelons are incredibly delicious fruits that act as an ultimate cooling food exclusively for your little children. They can quench the heated up thirst because of the premium water content, which is more than 90 percentage extensively. It will keep your children giggling with joy as they feel stomach full and cool for a more extended period. This gorgeous red fruit is also enriched with nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin A, along with several amino acids and antioxidants. Give the kids watermelon to consume in small quantities at regular intervals to keep them hydrated and super energetic throughout the day. While buying the fruit, it is advisable to get it as a whole fruit rather than a cut one.



Yogurt is a delicious range of food selection that is perfectly designed to keep your kid’s bodies fresh and hydrated during the summer season. Yogurt consists of specific essential cooling agents, and this magical dairy wonder is entirely safe for the digestive procedure of your toddler. The yogurt is packed with multi-nutrients rich in protein and calcium, which are the essential resource for your child’s growth and strength.

Tender coconut water

Tender coconut water

Tender coconut water could be considered as the ultimate choice for those who love to quench the thirst of their little ones with a tasty drink and at the same time searching for a healthy option. The coconut is a lovely package enriched with minerals, electrolytes, and simple sugars, blended in a balanced manner. These extraordinary properties of the coconut will keep The body of your little toddler hydrated and super energetic throughout the day even amidst the scorching sun heat. The fiber content of the coconut will keep stomach of your children full and at the same time regulates the sugar content in the blood. Therefore avoid feeding your kids with colored carbonated drinks that are harmful, and start inculcating in them a habit of drinking super healthy choice.

Green Leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables

Start helping your children to consume a vegetarian diet during this summer because it comes with a lot of advantages. During these hot summer months choosing green veggies such as lettuce, spinach, and cabbage, will perfectly keep your precious little ones hydrated adequately. These vegetables can be easily digested and contain rich water properties, which will help the body to breathe out heat. Make yummy salads or soups of your choice from the leafy green vegetables and serve them in between game breaks.

Lemon water and mint

Lemon water and mint

Lemon water is a fantastic refreshing summer drink for your kids. It is perfect for treating indigestion and dental defects. The vitamin C enriched lemon juice is a healthy option for surprising your toddler with chilled joy. Blend the lemon water with mint for preparing a super healthy and delicious drink. Children will enjoy the exotic taste and mint is a fantastic healthy herb and cooling agent as well.


Yes, Broccoli is rich in nutrients and best healthy food that your child can consume in all seasons. But this excellent food product is also filled with 91 percent of water. Therefore the healthy and delicious broccoli also helps in keeping your children hydrated. The broccoli is also a fantastic food for your little children.

Summer is a fantastic time to play and have fun with your children because they are in a vacation mood. However, it is essential that you ensure your precious little angels are well protected from the scorching heat and viral diseases. By giving the above-mentioned foods, you can be sure that your kids are safe while enjoying the summer activities to the fullest. As a parent, it is advisable to stock up plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables, which will prevent any vitamin and mineral deficiencies in kids and adults.

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