HIV positive couples and pregnancy

HIV positive couplesMost of HIV positive couples are confused about conceiving their baby. It’s a dilemma rather than confusion. They yearn for a child but hold back the thought fearing that their baby too would be born with HIV. Well! There is good news for such couples – you can conceive and delivery a healthy baby who will be HIV negative.

Long back it was estimated that 1 in 3 babies born to HIV positive couples would be HIV negative. But now with the advancement of antiretroviral therapy, you can shove this estimation away.

Gynecologists claim that if the HIV positive mother undergoes antiretroviral therapy right from the time the couples decides to plan for a baby, they would be able to deliver an HIV negative baby. I recently attended a nursing conference about holistic approach towards healthcare where a popular gynecologist claimed that; out of the 1000 something HIV positive mothers who underwent antiretroviral therapy only two had delivered HIV positive babies. And that those two mothers’ had started the treatment very late (during 8th or 9th Month of pregnancy).

HIV negative baby

She told that her team keeps track of the child’s growth and development and that so far no complications have been found.

Breastfeeding in HIV positive mother’s

Breastfeeding in HIV positive mother'sThough there is the risk of transmission of HIV from mother to baby through breastfeeding, it’s still advisable to practice exclusive breastfeeding because Human milk is rich in nutrients and antibodies required by the baby to survive.

There is a higher risk if the mother is giving both breast milk and formula milk to the baby. However, if the mother’s milk is insufficient for the baby and she has to feed formula to satisfy the infant’s hunger, she has to continue the anti-retroviral therapy.

Hope my article was helpful to couples in a dilemma. Whatever information is written here, I learnt it from a nursing conference I had attended recently. I have no personal experience in this field. So enquire well about the gynecologist and the therapy before taking any decision.

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