How to deal with stuffy nose in children

It’s really annoying to see our kids struggle because of stuffy nose. Here are some simple steps to relieve it.

For infants who cannot blow their nose:

It’s really difficult to manage when infants (especially the ones from 0-5 months) gets a stuffy nose. Don’t worry here is a way to relieve it. You can get something called a nasal aspirator in medical stores/ online stores, stores selling items related to babies etc.

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Usually, a nasal aspirator consists of a tube-like structure with one narrow end. The other end is connected to a bulb-shaped object (similar to a dropper). Other models are also there. I always recommend the dropper style model. While buying a nasal aspirator, you don’t have to go for costly ones. Simple aspirators are more than enough.

How to use a nasal aspirator?

Just press the bulb part of the aspirator and insert it into the baby’s nostril and release your hold slowly. The mucus will be sucked into the nasal aspirator. Discard the mucus and repeat it a few more times. After the nose gets cleared. Drop one or two drops of Nasoclear nasal drops into the baby’s nose. This would temporarily relieve the baby of the block.

Things to keep in mind

  • Always pinch the bulb part of the aspirator and then insert it into the nostril
  • It’s enough to insert the aspirator on the entrance of the nostrils. Do not go too deep. It will hurt the infant’s nose.
  • Take care not to touch the walls of the nose while aspirating the mucus. It will injure the delicate skin of the nose
  • Sometimes the nasal secretions keep on coming as you aspirate it, in that case, repeat the aspiration two or three times and stop. Try again after sometimes if it’s annoying the infant too much. You can just wipe the nose away in between.

What to do if the mucus is dry?

  • Put one or two drops of Nasoclear drops into the nostril and wait for 5 or 10 minutes.
  • Take an earbud and slowly remove the mucus. It will come off easily as it is wet with the saline.

Home remedies

  • For infants – place a pot of steaming water on the room where your baby is sleeping. Don’t add anything to it. The plain stem is enough to relieve the baby
  • If the baby is of walking age you can make him/her inhale the steam. Click here to know how to give steam inhalation correctly
  • Take one or two shallots and tie it inside a cloth. Crush it lightly and let the baby breath in the scent of it. Keep it near to the baby’s nose when she/he is sleeping. The strong fumes of the shallots would melt away the secretions and relieve the baby.

Note to parents. None of the above-mentioned ways is a replacement for medical remedies. If you ignore cold, it can progress to pneumonia which is life-threatening. Antihistamines (anti-allergic medicine) are needed to stop running nose and nasal congestion. Home remedies would aid in speedy recovery.

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