5 Fun Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve With Your Kids

Children love acting and doing things like adults. They love attending parties too because they can run around and eat tasty food. A New Year’s Eve party is where you wouldn’t want to take your kids because there’s alcohol and the party goes on past midnight. It messes up their sleep schedule and what follows the next few days is pure chaos.

What is a better way to celebrate than celebrate it with your kids? You can party with them on December 30, so that you can go to the adult party of December 31.

Here are five fun ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your kids:

Start the party with a welcome mocktail

welcome mocktail

Invite your kids’ friends and welcome them with a welcome mocktail. You can go as basic as a simple virgin mojito or can make some fancy mocktails. The kids are going to absolutely love it. You can give the mocktail in champagne flutes. Don’t worry about them getting broken; there are plenty plastic ones available in the market that is cheap and unbreakable.

New Year’s countdown

countdown timer

The best part about a kids’ New Year’s Eve party is that you can set the time when the clock hits 12 am. Display a countdown timer on your television screen when the party is almost over. Count it down with all the little kiddos and you can play their favorite songs during that time. After that, you can give a bag of goodies with some chocolates, activities, and a story book, and they will return home with a big smile on their faces.

Take kids to watch fireworks

watch fireworks

If you are a working parent and throwing a New Year’s Eve party won’t be possible for you, and that’s okay. You can take your kids to watch the fireworks or else you can burst some crackers with them, if they are five years or older. Drive around your city, get some hot chocolate and popcorn and they will have a wonderful time.

Kids New Year’s Eve event in the city

kids New Year’s Eve parties

Many shopping centers and activity clubs hold kids New Year’s Eve parties in the city. They aren’t the traditional parties, but have a few activities like paint tattoo, coloring tables, and art tables, where kids can go all out and make a mess. Some parties also have magic shows. It is a great way to relax and enjoy your kids play. Most of these parties are paid and food is included in the cost.

Make a Christmas and New Year’s Eve playlist and dance

kids dancing

There isn’t a single kid who doesn’t love dancing. Have a family party night, put on some matching jammies, and dance to the playlist. Order pizza and bring home some cake. End your family party night with your kid’s favorite movie. Spoil your kids a little by giving them candies and chocolates.

In the end of every year, make a list of resolutions the kids want to follow. They need to value keeping promises since they are young and it is a good way to do it. They might forget it the moment January ends, but it will keep them on their best behavior at least for a month.

Don’t miss out these special moments with your kids because in no time they will grow up and you won’t even realize when the time passed  by.

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