How to Get Over Postpartum Depression or Baby Blues?

If you are a first-time mother, it is common for you to experience postpartum depression and baby blues. You don’t have to undermine you and bog yourself down with self-criticism. Being a mother is demanding, and you will get around gradually. Postpartum blues is a fearful condition. You can feel a thousand different emotions all within a minute. The feelings are very overwhelming, and you might have troubles in bonding with your baby. Take one day at a time, and you can get over it within a few weeks.

You can follow the below-given tips get over the postpartum blues:

Have some me time

father kid

Being a mommy is a full-time job. But having a little alone time every day will help you recover faster. Ask your husband to look after the babies for half an hour, so you can relax or work and not be stuck on the couch while breastfeeding and feeling worthless. Breastfeeding is beautiful but in such a condition you might not feel so, and it is perfectly fine.


postpartum exercise

Start with breathing exercises because just a good inflow of oxygen will brighten up your day. Exercising has healing properties, and you will get back in shape sooner. Walking in your neighborhood for 10 minutes will also work great. You can take your baby in the stroller so that she too gets fresh air.

Rest whenever you get time

mother taking rest

Newborns sleep during the day and keep you awake in the night. Once your baby is 3 or 4 months old, start getting her on a schedule.  Until then, sleep whenever she sleeps. It might not be possible always because you will have household work to do, but rest whenever you can.  You don’t have to fall asleep to take rest, just laying down for a while can also relieve you.

Don’t hide what you are feeling

Woman Relaxing

Share your postpartum depression and baby blues with your partner and best friends. They will help you recover. There might always be someone with you, but you don’t have to feel alone. Call your mother or mother-in-law over and talk for a while. Once your husband is home, share it with him, and find out ways to get over it.

Eat healthy

healthy foods

Your baby’s health is entirely dependent on what you eat for the first few months of his/her life. Eat food rich in protein, carbohydrates, fat, antioxidants (vitamin C, zinc, etc.) and others without worrying about your weight gain. When I say fat, it does not mean that you should gorge on fast food items; it implies that you have to include ghee (clarified butter), oils like coconut oil, sesame seed oil, etc. and meat in your diet. If your baby stays healthy and active, it will give you a big boost of confidence and an instant confirmation that you are doing everything right. Consume high fibre foods, omega-3 rich fishes, and a lot of fruits and vegetables that will increase your milk supply. You need extra calories and proteins to secrete milk, and hence most of the carbs, fats, etc. would be used up for breast milk production. so no worries about weight gain

Talk to a psychologist

Keep this as your last resort. You will have to spend quite some time at the counselor’s office, and that might work great for your baby’s schedule. Go once a month and the counsellor will suggest you ways to recover from it. Talking to someone like her/him will relax you instantly.

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