How To Potty Train Your Kids?

Potty training can be defined as the process of training a kid to use the toilet for urination and defecation. This training can be done with a smaller bowl-shaped device known as a potty. The best age for your kid to start potty training is from 18 months to three years old. Your child must be physically and emotionally ready to start potty training.

child potty training

It is common for kids to continue to wet at nights until they are five years old. By the age of six, most of the kids do stay dry all night. Potty training usually becomes a frustrating process if you start it before your child is ready. Develop a sign language for your kid when they are ready to pee or poop in the toilet. The sign language for the pee should be different from the sign language for the poop. The first step for potty training is to start communication with your kid when they are ready to pee or poop in the toilet.

 You can recognize that your child is ready to be potty trained by the following ways:

  • If they have a dry diaper for a longer time than the usual time.
  • When they wake up dry after a nap.
  • They would inform you when they are about to go when they are going or have already done in their diaper.
  • Interest in the use of potty when other kid uses it.

 Make sure that you are with your child when he uses the potty. Help them feel secure when they sit on the potty. Some parents are ready to start potty training at 18 months while others are not interested until the age of three. You need to develop a training schedule for your kid to use the potty. For example, you can make him/her sit on the potty or encourage (remind) the child to go to the restroom once in one or two hours to pass urine. You can gradually decrease the frequency to the restroom as the child gains good bladder control. Nowadays some kids are addicted to mobiles and laptops. You can show them videos on potty training so that they can watch and learn. If they show interest after watching those videos then you can buy the right equipment. Teach them how to sit on the potty first. Put the potty in an accessible area and encourage him to sit on it while he plays (at regular intervals of time). When your child seems to get an idea, let him give a try.  If they don’t succeed at first then try again and again. Create fun by writing their name on the potty and decorate the potty with the stickers they like the most.

There are some things which you can do for your kids to make the potty easier for them to use. Dress your child in loose-fitting clothes so that they can remove on their own. If they still have trouble in potty training then do not over react or punish. If there is no progress and if you or your child are becoming frustrated then it is perfectly fine to take a break from the potty training and start again after a few weeks.

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