Reading with your babies

An infant won’t understand the numerous things you are doing or why. They won’t even understand what you are saying, but you wouldn’t want to wait till the day when your child understand you completely, to speak to them right? Neither would you wait for your child to carry a tune, until you start bypassing lullabies. Nor would you wait till your baby starts rattling, before bringing in tons of toys.

Reading with your babies
Reading aloud to your baby is a wonderful activity, and the benefits that it bring is numerous.  Believe it or not, reading aloud to your babies can fill them up with all the sounds necessary to speak in their native language, by the time they reach their first birthday.  The more stories you read aloud, the more words your child would be exposed to, and the better they would be able to talk.

The census shows that the kids who parent read to them frequently learn more words by the age of two, than the kids who have not been read to. Moreover, the kids whose parents read to them often will start to learn reading at the right time.

Maybe, the most important reason to read aloud to your baby is to build a connection between him/her and the things that they love. By reading to your child frequently, you are teaching them that reading is skill worth learning. Thus setting them on their way to becoming a reader.

When should you start reading to your baby?

Before I even start, let me tell you it’s never too late. Babies recognize their mother’s voice from when they are in the womb. So, make reading a habit while you are still pregnant. And once your baby arrives, don’t you dare refrain from reading to your baby.

Jane loves her rhymes book. When her momma sings to her everyday before going to bed, she kicks her legs and hands out. And before slipping into a deep slumber, she takes the sturdy book in her tiny hands, and try to pinch the little star that rests on the top corner.

Doesn’t matter how old your baby is, what really matters is reading aloud to your baby is a great opportunity for bonding. By reading with your baby everyday, books become a natural part of your child’s life.

What should you read to your babies?

During the first few months after their birth, babies just love to hear your voice. Thus, you can read almost anything with them. During these days, a sing song book with rhymes would be the best choice. As your baby loves to loom at pictures during these days, get a book with a lots of pictures on simple background.

When you baby starts to rattle her hands, and grab things, go for vinyl or cloth books with pictures of babies, toys, bright colors, and shapes. Start narrating to them bedtime stories, or simple stories, when they start sitting up, and have finger foods. Finally, when you child starts to talk, get them to repeat words and phrases after you.

One of the best way to ensure that your baby grows up into a good reader, is to have books around your house. Make sure to put some books inside their toy basket too, when they start crawling around.

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