7 Ways To Entertain Your Kid On An Airplane

Being a parent is a full-time job. Even if you are going out on vacation, you have to keep your kids mannered so that others traveling with you don’t have a hard time. Are you worried about taking your kids on an airplane and dread about what will happen if they misbehave? Some plane rides are too long, and even adults get tired and fuzzy, it is evident the kids will get irritated, grumpy, and misbehaved. Children are brilliant. If you give them what they want, they’ll be like angels, and you won’t even know they are with you. And that means you need to keep them entertained and occupied.

Entertain Your Kid On An Airplane

Here are seven ways to entertain your kid on an airplane:

Pack them their snacks

If the tummy is full then everything is good. Even if your plane is giving your meal, a snack bag always comes handy. Fill it with some cheese slices, trail mix, yogurt sticks, wafers, cookies, nuts, and sandwiches. Give it to them only after they are done looking out the window because they get bored pretty quickly. The snack bag will keep them entertained for at least 1 or 2 hours.

Interactive magazines

There are kid magazines where you’ve to color, match different items, and similar things. These interactive magazines come for various age groups. Don’t forget to carry some washable markers and crayons to add to the fun.


Every kid has his/ her favorite toy. Even if it is noisy to too big to carry, do take it with you on the airplane. It gives them comfort. They like being occupied in themselves and would like to have a couple of toys around them.

Invent some game with the buckle

For adults, buckles are the most unamusing, but for children, they are, pretty fascinating. Tell them to buckle themselves before the flight takes off and lands. We can buckle up in less than 10 seconds but for them, it is a huge task and something which will keep them occupied for a very long time.

Bring a deck of cards

If you are travelling with older children, always carry a deck of cards. It can help in providing hours of entertainment. There are so many card games which can be played. If you have younger children, get Uno cards which require a less skilled mind.

Flying overnight? Get a pair of pajamas

If you are flying overnight carry a pair of pajamas in your child’s backpack. Change him or her into the pajamas, make them brush their teeth, and snuggle up with his favorite soft toy. Do this as per their bed time routine and it will put them to sleep for at least a couple of hours.

Carry play dough with you

You might not believe but play dough will keep your child entertained for more time than you think it will. It is the best way to keeps those little hands busy. Teach them to make different shapes but be careful they don’t eat it.

Always carry reward stickers with you. Tell them that if they behave on the plane, they’ll get different stickers after going them. Show them the different stickers and also reward them with candy.

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