Ways To Prevent Allergies In Children

It is usual that allergies and asthma tend to show up in families and the rate has been rising ever since. With that being the case, parents and researchers are in search of ways to prevent allergies like never before. So, is there really a way to keep allergies away from children?

Of course, there are. Now people don’t have to make their kids walk wearing face mask’s all the time. There are simple strategies that parents could adapt in order to keep sneezing and stuffiness at bay.

Shoes Are Not Welcome:

dirty shoe

No matter what, you would want to keep that dirt and dust away from your household. And your favorite pair of boots or wedges can be what is tracking all those pollutants in to your home. So to keep those spores away from your dear ones, wipe your shoes on a mat and leave them out of your living space. If you kids or family members are extremely allergic, then consider keeping the footwear in your garage, away from the closet from where it could spread to the clothes.

Time To Bath:

plush toys kids

Every child has a teddy or a plush toy as their best friend. Nonetheless, parents must be aware of the possible allergens that could take their spot on these toys. Dust mites are normally seen on plush toys that have been in use for long. Cleaning these plush toys regularly will help ditch all the dust mites and other possible allergens.

Indoor Plants:

Waking up to an indoor plant during the drab winter days are obviously a visual treat. However, once winter gives way for spring, it is always a better option to keep these indoor plants outside. But why?

Indoor plants can surprisingly be irritating to most people. The main culprit that poses as a possible allergen is the spores that grow in the moist dirt. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to keep your favourite indoor plants outside, avoid watering them to keep the mold away. Additionally, remove the rotten leaves that fall down the plants and remember that they are indicators of overwatering.

On the other hand, if you thinking of substituting original indoor plants with the fake and silk substitutes know that they are collectors of dust and dirt.

Rethink Your Carpets:


Though carpets may feel cushy under your feet, they can act as the breeding ground for dust mites, especially when you place them in your bedroom. Additionally, if the carpet is placed over concrete, the moisture could seep through them and this could contribute to mold and mites. The only way to prevent them would be to either choose bare floors or use area rugs.

Sweep Your Bathroom Clean:

If you haven’t cleaned to your bathroom for long, then you would have probably noticed the green stuff that forms in your bathtub. This very green stuff lets out spores into the air that could cause wheezing and sneezing. The only way to prevent this would be to scrub your bathtub and bathroom clean using bleach and water.

Make sure to look under the bathmat too. As your bathmat is always exposed to moisture, there are chances that mildew may form at places like these.

Pets Can’t Sleep With your Children:

If you have fur babies at home, then it is time to get them a separate place to sleep. Never let your children sleep with the pets. Snuggling into all that fur, saliva, and dander will even cause a child who isn’t highly allergic sniffles. If your child sneezes and has a runny nose continuously for more than three weeks, then the chances are that they are suffering from allergy.

That New Purchase:

If you have brought a new TV or computer home, then you must know that they can emit chemical fumes capable or worsening allergies. Similarly, new furniture, rugs, and some paints will release volatile organic compounds that work the same way as these chemical fumes. Though the effects of these allergens fade over time, it is always a better option to take them out of the packages and leave them out in the garage before bringing them home.

The Right Vacuum Cleaner:

vacuum cleaner

Most people mistake all vacuum cleaners to be equally effective. However, this is not the case and not all of them provide equal features. If you would like to protect your children from allergies, look for a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA-rated filter. Make sure to empty the vacuum cleaner before the full mark regardless of whether it has a bag or not. Picking a good vacuum cleaner helps you to keep the house and surrounding areas clean, thereby preventing allergies.

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