What You Need To Know About Autism

What is Autism?

Autism is also known as spectrum disorder and is an ailment characterized by difficulties with repetitive behaviors, social skills, speech, and nonverbal communication. Autism has different types and occurs because of different environmental and genetic influences. Children with autism have issues with communicating and challenges in comprehending what people feel and think about them. Because of this, they find it hard to express themselves through facial expression, gestures, touch, or words. Besides this, children with this condition who are sensitive experience pain when sights, smells, touches, or sounds that may seem normal to others.

Autistic children might have repetitive, stereotyped body movements like hand flapping, pacing, or rocking. Unusual responses to people may also be experienced as well as resistances to changes within their normal routines, attachments to objects, or self-injurious behavior. Sometimes, they have the “behavior” of not noticing objects, people, or activities within their surroundings. Seizures may be developed for some children with autism. Signs of autism normally appears within the first three years of the child growth. However, some children may experience this condition from birth. Some children may not experience the symptoms of communication disorder unless their capabilities are below the demand of their environment. This condition is more in boys when compared to girls. This condition knows no ethnic, race, or social boundaries. Educational levels, lifestyle, or family income doesn’t have an influence of one being autistic.

What Causes Autism?

Autism awareness

Autism runs in families, this has made most researchers conclude that some combination of genes is responsible for influencing the development of autism. Nevertheless, the chances of a child having autism are influenced by some risk factors. The advanced age of a mother or father increases the likelihood of a child having autism. Besides this, a pregnant woman that is exposed to certain chemicals or drugs may cause the child to develop this condition. Other risk factors include the use of anti-seizure drugs, maternal metabolic conditions including obesity and diabetes, and the use of alcohol.

Can You Prevent Autism?

Doctors don’t know the primary cause of autism; however, it is believed that genes are the major factor if a child will be born with it. In as much as the autistic disorder can’t be prevented, the risk of one having the disorder can be minimized. Changing the following lifestyle can help reduce the likelihood of one having such condition.

Live healthily: Ensure you eat a balanced meal, with regular check-ups and exercise. Good prenatal care is essential and the consumption of supplements and vitamins in their right proportion.

During pregnancy, avoid certain drugs: Prior to any medication intake, consult your doctor.

Avoid alcohol: Do not give in to alcoholic drink of any sort while you are pregnant.

For any existing health conditions, seek treatment: Perhaps you have been diagnosed with a certain disease such as celiac disease, ensure you follow the advice of your doctor.

In conclusion, there is no standard treatment for autism at the moment. Nevertheless, there are different ways of increasing the ability of the child to grow and learn new skills. Treatments such as skills training, communication, and behavior therapies can help in controlling the symptoms.

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